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Referral Scheme

Refer a friend or family member to earn rewards

As part of the Mancini Legal Group, Mulcare Jenkins shares the policies of Mancini Legal.

If you refer a friend or family member to our team you will be able to get benefits through our rewards scheme. This means you will be able to get a reduced fee as well. You can find out more about this process by calling our team at 01403 337337

Contentious Probate

We can deal with a variety of different probate matters throughout the country. We will help with inheritance, wills and more. If you refer someone to any of these services we will give you a bonus of £125 +VAT as well as an extra 5% of any profits up to an extra £2,000.


If you refer a conveyancing client we will give you £75 + VAT after the transaction is completed. You must already be a client for this referral to apply.


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We’re not your normal lawyer. Rather we’re ‘people people’ who love what we do, like our clients and take your case personally, whatever the legal issue.


We offer a comprehensive range of legal services for small and medium-sized businesses in Sussex and Surrey. For more complicated issues we have specialist connections in London

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