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Making a Will and/or Lasting Powers of Attorney

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Most of us have some wealth to leave behind. Most of us know who we want to leave it to. If you die without making a Will (‘intestate’) then your estate passes to your next of kin, who can decide how to dispose of it – or keep it. However, if you don’t want to leave it to chance and want to leave specific bequests, e.g., jewellery to a favourite niece, a watch to your Godson, £100 to the local cats-home, a piece of silver to the next-door-neighbour who looked after you – then it’s essential to have it written down. Whatever you write down in making a Will has to be executed in law. You might also need to consider giving someone you trust a Lasting Power of Attorney in case you become unable to make decisions for yourself (see below).

Any lawyer will advise you to make a Will in order to leave your affairs in order ‘for the avoidance of doubt’. At Mancini Legal we’re no exception and our friendly team will make sure your wishes are noted correctly. We are also happy to act as executors, and make sure your legacies end up where you want them to.

If you have a significant estate – property, a share portfolio, items of individual value – it is also worth talking to our Trust team to see how you can best protect your wealth from inheritance tax (IHT) or people that you do not wish to benefit from your wealth after your death. If you become unable to look after your money, or your health, whilst you are alive it is also important to give someone you trust a Lasting Power of Attorney to protect your interests.

Wills and Trusts

Our Wills are prepared on a fixed fee basis with an initial amount for the basic Will and added fees for more complex clauses.  At our first meeting with you, we will go over your requirements and give you a comprehensive quote on the cost of your Will.

Basic CodicilFrom £125 + VAT (subject to client requirements)
Single Basic WillsFrom £250 + VAT (subject to client requirements)
Mirror or Joint Basic WillsFrom £385 + VAT (subject to client requirements)
Additional ClausesFrom £75 + VAT (subject to client requirements)
TrustsFrom £400 + VAT (subject to client requirements)
 Admin – Registration or Certainty£30 + VAT (per Will)
Retrieval Fee£37 + VAT
Store Will£30 + VAT (per Will)
Multi-Trust Storage£75 + VAT
Home Visits (within 5 miles of one of our offices)Amount
Horsham Fee£75 + VAT
Haywards Heath£75 + VAT
Other areas on request
Initial Meeting/ConsultationAmount
First 30 minutesfree
Over 30 minutesfrom £50 + VAT

In addition, the following disbursements are required at the outset:

Administration/file set-up fees£50 + VAT
Costs for ID checks (per person) (Will only)£10 + VAT
AML (Anti Money Laundering) Checks (per person)£10 + VAT

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)

As we get older we are not always able to look after ourselves and make judgements required to look after our wealth and our health. Today it is increasingly common to give a loved one, or someone else you trust, what is called a Lasting Power of Attorney. That means they are able to make decisions for you if you are considered ‘unfit’ or ‘lacking capacity’ to make those decisions yourself. There are two types, ‘Property and Financial’ and ‘Medical and Welfare’. You can select the same person for both.

We charge separately for either type, but offer a discount if you do both at the same time.

Type of LPACost for SingleCost for doubleCost for Mirror
Lasting Power of Attorney for FinancialFrom £400 + VATFrom £700 + VATFrom £1200 + VAT
Lasting Power of Attorney for Health & WelfareFrom £395 + VATFrom £700 + VATFrom £1200 + VAT

In addition, the following disbursements will be required:

Administration/file set-up fees£50.00 + VAT
Costs for ID checks (per person)£10.00 + VAT
Application Fee to the Court of Protection£82 per LPA


In addition to the fees quoted above, a number of disbursements may or may not be payable.  Disbursements are payments made to third parties on your behalf and these are a standard part of the process.  These statutory fees are not set by Mancini Legal and will be the same no matter which solicitor you choose.  Below is a list of some common disbursements and their usual cost.

Company Due Diligence Check£25.00 + VAT

Key Stages and Timescales

Key StageTimescale (in weeks)
Basic Wills  2-6 Weeks
Trusts2-6 weeks
Note the Public Guardianship Office can take 6-8 weeks for registrations.
2-4 weeks;

Please also note that the time scale depends on the time spent by you to review the documents, any changes required on them and, if you are making LPAs, on how long the certificate provider and each of your appointed attorneys (when more than one) take to complete the form.

Common scenarios and costs

Simple Mirror Wills

With no great value to their estate, Mr and Mrs Higgs want to make what are known as ‘mirror’ wills, each initially leaving everything to the other. Which ever one outlives the other will then take on responsibility for making a subsequent will and passing their wealth on to family members or others. Doing this does not preclude asking each other to make personal small bequests on their behalf after they have passed. This is a very simple and cost-effective way of ensuring the future. They agree between themselves that at some future stage they may also create LPAs if there is a risk that they might get to a stage when they lack the capacity to make their own decisions. Mancini Legal can create these mirror wills at the lowest cost.

A sensible Lasting Power or Attorney

Mr A’s mother is in her eighties and, whilst she very much has all her faculties, she is housebound. Her eyesight is also failing and her health in general is deteriorating. Her son manages her care, and carers come in every day. She and her son discuss her finances, but she worries that the day will come when she is not as sharp or well as she used to be and somebody else will need to make the decisions for her. Shrewdly she asks her son to organise Lasting Powers of Attorney through Mancini Legal for both her finances and her health, as doing both together will save money. It will also let him make quick decisions when they need to be made.

Leaving a range of bequests and legacies

Mrs Holden has survived two husbands who, sadly, both pre-deceased her. She had children with both, and has benefited from legacies and growth in value of property and other assets. Getting older she wants to be scrupulously fair and transparent with the children (and now grandchildren) and wants to organise her affairs to get them in order ‘just in case anything should happen’. She needs advice on how best to make a will that is fair to all parties – this is actually quite straightforward and based on a standard ‘menu of costs’. As the size of her estate will almost certainly attract IHT, at the same time she wants to consider creating Trusts for her legatees. She is also considering making a law firm one of her executors in case there is a dispute. Finally she decides it makes sense to create Lasting Powers of Attorney for a trusted younger friend outside of the slightly complicated family situation. This is very much bespoke advice, but Mrs Holden is happy it creates an organised and stress-free situation should her health deteriorate.

Our Team of Will and LPA Professionals

Alessandro Mancini


Solicitor, LLB, DipIp

Qualified : 2009

Paul Hassall

Private Client Manager and Trust Specialist

FCII CeMAP/Chartered Insurer

Experience 30+ years

Nadine Moaddel

Family Law & Private Client Manager


Nadine Moaddel is a family and private client solicitor with 6 + years of experience working in the law.

Nadine qualified as a solicitor in January 2018.