Residential Conveyancing Fees

Our Price Transparency Promise

Conveyancing is a major part of our business and every year we act for around 1,250 buyers and sellers in West Sussex alone – that’s 5 houses bought or sold every day of the week! We are experts in residential conveyancing for both sale or purchase, and our clients particularly like the fact that we work on a fixed conveyancing fee, which is broadly based on the value of the property. We will quote you a full cost before we start, based on our standard table of fees (see below).

For more expensive properties, or where there are more complex conveyancing transactions involved, costs are scalable. Rest assured that, before we progress with your residential sale or purchase, we will provide you with a bespoke quote tailored to your specific buying or selling conveyancing requirements. We will always be happy to talk you through the costs in detail. All fees are subject to VAT.


There is a lot of ‘red tape’ involved in buying or selling a property – especially if mortgages, leases or companies are involved. All of these incur statutory fees, which are not set by Mancini Legal, and will be the same no matter which solicitor you choose.

This is a standard part of the conveyancing process. To complete your residential sale or purchase we have to make ‘disbursements’ on your behalf and then charge them back to you on your final bill. Once again, when we give you your quote, we will be able to estimate what these costs will be, and we’ll keep you informed throughout the process.

There are more disbursements when buying than when selling. See the menu of costs for disbursements below for full details.


Freehold Purchase

Leasehold Purchase

Freehold Sale

Leasehold Sale

Up to £99,999.99726906726906
£100,000.00 to £249,999.9989110718911071
£250,000.00 to £300,000.991049.401229.41049.401229.4
£300,001.00 to £450,000.991181.401361.41181.401361.4
£450,001.00 to £700,000.991221.0014011221.001401
£700,001.00 to £999,999.991313.401493.41313.401493.4
£1,000,000.00 plus 1980216019802160

 Purchase Disbursements Average Fee

  • Local Search          £140
  • Environmental Search          £60
  • Water and Drainage Search          £54
  • Highways Search          £75
  • Commons Search          £20
  • Mining Search (only in affected areas)          £60
  • Bankruptcy Search          £4
  • Land Registry OS1 Priority Search Fee          £3
  • Land Registry Bankruptcy Fee          £2 (per name)
  • Land Registry Fee          £20 – £910 on a scale
  • Notice Fees           £50 – £400
    • (leaseholds and freeholds with a management company)
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax            £      
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax Administration Fee          £90
  • Administration Fee in Connection with Compliance Check and AML and Archive          £108
  • CHAPS Fee          £25
  • CHAPS Administration Fee          £33.60
  • Mortgage Fee          £120
  • Help to Buy           £180
  • e-Conveyancing Fee          £12.60
  • Completion Monitor          £15.00
  • e-ROT          £23.40
  • Lender Monitor          £11.40
  • Sale Disbursements
  • Office Copy Entries         £12
  • Management Information Fee           £100-400
    • (for leaseholds and freeholds with management companies only)

Additional Fees If The Following Situations Occur

  • If the property is Leasehold an additional £150 plus VAT is charged for dealing with the management company/Landlord/Freeholder enquiries
  • If the property is subject to a mortgage an additional £100 plus VAT is charged for dealing with the lenders

Key Stages and Timescales

From the start of the conveyancing process to completion normally takes between 6-12 weeks.

Residential Selling and Purchasing Conveyancing in practice

Whilst the process of conveyancing for residential sale or purchase is quite straightforward, there are many different scenarios that may require greater time and attention. One of our most important jobs as a conveyancing lawyer is to protect our clients from potential costly pitfalls or complications.

The Sale Only, No Purchase, Scenario

Now retired, with the mortgage paid off, the Clarkes are selling their house in Southwater and moving into a ‘Granny Annexe’ at their daughter’s house. There is no deadline to sell so this transaction will fall into the lower range of costs.

The Liquidate-Our-Portfolio-ASAP Scenario

The executors of Mr Mainwaring need to liquidate his buy-to-let portfolio of properties. He has three in total, of around the same value. However one is freehold, and two are leasehold. Of the leasehold properties one has a long-term sitting tenant. The executors have found buyers for all three properties and need to liquidate the portfolio to meet IHT and probate requirements. In addition, Mr Mainwaring’s dependents are keen to get their inheritance.

Even though the properties are of similar value the transactions are not the same. The freehold property is a simple sale. The leasehold property with the sitting tenant involves a contract to let the tenant remain with a purchaser on a buy-to-let mortgage. The other leasehold property is run by a management company who are disputing fees. The conveyancing costs of each of the properties will therefore be very different.

The Dispute-Over-Access-Rights Scenario

Mr & Mrs Wise have found their dream retirement property – a country cottage hidden away up a private lane. However, when we do the initial land registry checks it transpires that the property itself does not have entitlement to use the lane for access. Issues like this are often a legacy of previous owners and previous sales, some of which might be lost in the mists of time. Normally, when brought to attention, they can be resolved for the benefit of all parties. But additional costs are nearly always incurred.

Our Residential Conveyancing Team

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