Family Matrimonial Divorce Price List

Matrimonial law often has far reaching consequences for everyone involved. Things can quickly get complicated because emotions run high (no matter how much you may try to keep things civil). It’s likely that there will be many interconnected family issues to contend with. When you find yourself trying to divide your possessions, or even worse, try to share the time that you spend with your children; it can be hard to remain amicable.

That is where Mancini Legal comes in. We can help you settle these matters quickly and effectively. After all, the decisions that are made when you divorce/separate from your partner will have far reaching consequences. It is therefore crucial that you have representation that you can rely on from the outset. Having a solicitor that will fight in your corner is crucial.

We are here to help you make the process as simple and painless as possible, ensuring that you get what you need and deserve. We work hard to ensure the entire process is carried out swiftly and with minimal stress. You can trust that matters surrounding property division, child support, and visitation will all be handled with care, compassion and professionalism.

Initial costs

Generally, you will be charged an hourly rate for work done, but sometimes we can arrange fixed fees for a particular stage of your divorce/family case. Please enquire for further information.

Proposed Fixed fees

Basic divorce to Decree Absolute (finances not included)£750 plus VAT
Preparation and finalising consent order (financial arrangements agreed)£1,000-1,250 plus VAT
Basic divorce and finances agreed (other party is unrepresented)£1,750-£1,850 plus VAT

During our initial meeting, we will assess your case and estimate how long we anticipate each stage of the process to take (and our estimate of costs).  This can vary widely on a case by case basis. We would also seek an initial payment between £250-£1000.00 on account of costs and disbursements (dependent on the type of case).

Our current hourly rates for family work are:

Person Responsible

Alessandro Mancini£325.00 + VAT
Nadine Moaddel£255.00 + VAT

In addition, the following disbursements are required at the outset:

Administration/file set-up fees£47.50 + VAT
Costs for ID checks (per person)£3.00 + VAT


In addition to the fees quoted above, there will be several disbursements which may or may not be payable.  Disbursements are payment made to third parties on your behalf and these are a standard part of the process.  These fees are not set by Mancini Legal and will be the same no matter which solicitor you choose.  Below is a list of some common disbursements and their usual cost.

Regulatory conflict Check and Compliance check (on all matters)£47.50
Company Due Diligence Check£25.00
Dealing with Third party lawyers (e.g. matrimonial)£185.00
Administration Fee in connection to ID verification for any additional person£12.00
Dealing with a Statutory Declaration£195.00
Each CHAPS or BACS Transfer£40.00


Key Stages and Timescales

Key StageTimescale (in weeks)
Basic Divorce to Decree Nisi12-16 Weeks* (dependent on court processing times)
Complex divorce (involving finances)26-52 weeks+(dependent on whether finances can be resolved amicably/whether financial proceedings are issued)

Our Professionals

Alessandro Mancini


Solicitor, LLB, DipIp

Qualified : 2009

Nadine Moaddel

Family Law & Private Client Manager


Nadine Moaddel is a family and private client solicitor with 6 + years of experience working within the legal industry.

Nadine qualified as a solicitor in January 2018, choosing family law as her specialism.