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Price Transparency


The new rules on price transparency has been published and came into affect on the 6th December 2018.

The rules have been put in place following the recommendations by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Below is Mancini Legal Limited’s price list

Published 5th December 2018 (Next Review Date – August 2019)


Our Professional Fees include completing the sale or purchase of your new home, including dealing with the registration at the Land Registry.


Property Value From To Legal Fees
0 100,000.99 £550.00
100,001.00 250,000.99 £725.00
250,001.00 400,000.99 £795.00
400,001.00 450,000.99 £825.00
450,001.00 500,000.99 £925.00
500,001.00 NA POA


Property Value From To Legal Fees
0 100,000.99 £450.00
100,001.00 250,000.99 £515.00
250,001.00 400,000.99 £730.00
400,001.00 550,000.99 £795.00
550,001.00 NA £850.00


Property Value From To Legal Fees
0 100,000.99 £450.00
100,001.00 250,000.99 £450.00
250,001.00 400,000.99 £650.00
400,001.00 550,000.99 £650.00
550,001.00 NA £750.00

If the property is Leasehold an additional £150 plus VAT is charged for dealing with the management company/Landlord/Freeholder enquiries.

If the property is subject to a mortgage an additional £100 plus VAT is charged for dealing with the lenders
If you are purchasing a property an additional £75 plus VAT is charged for dealing with and submitting Stamp Duty Land Tax.

Potential Disbursements

Arranging an Indemnity Policy £50.00
Administration fee in connection to ID Verification for any additional person £12.00
Dealing with third party lawyers (E.g. Matrimonial) £185.00
Dealing with a management copmany on a freehold property £140.00
Dealing with a statutory declaration £195.00
Dealing with an additional lease £195.00
Dealing with service charge retentions £75.00
Drafting / Approving a Deed of Covenant £195.00
Obtaining Landlords Consent £165.00
Obtaining or Investigating an Index Mapsearch results £95.00
Removal of a caution, Restriction Notice or other HMLR entry £95.00
Repaying an additional mortgage or loan £75.00
Share of Freehold when buying or sellings leasehold £195.00
Shared ownership property £195.00
Dealing with a mortgage retention £195.00
Dealing with an additional guarantor £195.00
Dealing with an auction purchase £95.00
Dealing with Companies House forms £95.00
Dealing with unregstered land on a sale or purchase £175.00
Deed or Trust £295.00
Each CHAPS or BACS transfer £40.00
Expedited completions (within 7 working days) £150.00
Flying / Creeping freehold £175.00
Lease extension on agreed terms £450.00
Leasehold Property fee £150.00
Liasing with lenders solicitors in debt cases per hour £195.00
Obtaining duplicate shre certificate £75.00
Obtaining planning documents (per document) £25.00
Obtaining licence to assign from Landlord £175.00
Preparing an undertaking for access £95.00
Registering a mortgage at Companies House £175.00
Reviewing epitome of title in unregistered cases £250.00
Simultaneious exchange/completion £195.00
Voluntary first registration £275.00
Search pack £250.00
Company Due Diligence Check £25.00
Mortgage Fee – Third Party Lawyer Action for Lender £250.00
Regulatory Conflict Check and Compliance Check (on all matters) £47.50



For a typical Probate we would charge dependant on whether we are the instructed Executors.

  1. Non-Executor instructions – Grant only

We would charge a fixed fee of £850.00 + VAT plus an application fee payable to HMCTS of £55.00

  1. Full Probate Executor

We would charge out at an hourly rate dependant on the hourly rate of the acting fee earner at any one time plus an uplift of the gross estate value of 2%.

For example

Fee Earner acting is a Grade B (£275.00 an hour) and 25 hours have been spent on the file and the total estate (Gross) is valued at £315,000.00

Estimate charges for this would be as follows
Professional fees of fee earner (£275.00 @ 25 hours) £6,875.00
Uplift 2% of £315,000.00 £6,300.00
Application £55.00
ID Checks/AML £12.00 per person
CHAPS Fees £42.00 per payment

Wills and Trust Planning

Single Basic Wills from £175.00 plus VAT
Mirror Wills from £285.00 plus VAT
Lasting Powers of Attorney from £395.00 plus VAT for a Single
400,001.00 From £695.00 plus VAT for both LPAs
550,001.00 Court of Protection fees of £82.00 applies per power
Trusts from £500.00 + VAT dependent on clients requirements.

Personal Injury and CFA (Contingency Fee Agreements)


Personal Injury/ Clinical Negligence

We will assess every case on its merit and risk assess it for possible acceptance as a No Win No Fee case on a Conditional fee Agreement with a maximum success fee of 25% of the damages recovered including VAT. This is a cap on charges which in low value cases or cases which settle promptly may not be reached and so the charges will often be 100%  of our fee  ( subject to detailed risk assessment) based on an hourly rate of £295 but no more than 25% of damages. If accepted this would mean no cost at the outset.

Example 1

Personal injury case  damages recovered £25,000 over a two year period of dealing. Costs incurred 15 hours at £295  £4425.00 plus VAT . Success fee 100%  £4425.00 plus VAT £885 total £5310  (21.24%)

Example 2

Personal injury case  damages £5000 settled after 9 months with 5 hours work at £295.00 plus VAT  £1770 . success fee 100% £1770  capped at 25% £1250 inclusive of VAT

If  a case is not accepted as a No win no fee case  we would carry out an assessment of prospects and investigate the matter and would seek £1000 on account of costs and disbursements.


We will often require medical notes and expert reports in personal injury matters. These generally have to be paid for but in no win no fee cases can be deferred for up to 24 months by an external agency. Court fees have to be paid prior to the issue of court proceedings. These vary from £455 to 5% of the amount claimed.


We will always investigate whether you have existing insurance that might fund your case. We can if required seek insurance cover for you at extra cost to protect you against adverse costs and own disbursements in the event that your case does not succeed.


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