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Despite a focus on health and safety workplace accidents are still common – we can help. No Win, No Fee.

You’d be amazed how many accidents happen in the workplace, but every day an estimated 1,500 people are involved in an incident that stops them working. In most cases the injured party will be due compensation – if you have a workplace accident our expert team can help. We have extensive experience in:


  • Employer’s Liability and Work-related Injury
  • Construction Accidents
  • Catastrophic accidents
  • Slips, trips and falls on the level
  • Handling, lifting or carrying
  • Being struck by a moving object
  • Falls from height
  • Acts of violence

In this new and developing employment economy many different employment opportunities and commercial arrangements have developed. With zero-hours contracts and the ‘Gig Economy’ it seems like that is here to stay.

The status of ‘Employer’ now can take on a very different form. What has not changed is that when you are in your workplace your employer owes you a duty of care to take reasonable and practicable steps to protect you from risk of injury. This is whether you are on payroll under PAYE, or a self -employed contractor. In this respect the ‘employer’, in the eyes of the law is the person that controls what you do, where you go, and what you get paid.

When carrying out work that involves the possibility of injury the employer should carry out a risk assessment in order to identify the risk of injury and to take reasonable steps to prevent it happening.

A lack of a risk assessment is a sign that the duty of care owed to you may have been breached. Particular instances where this may be relevant are Manual handling operations or Working at Height where it is likely that health and safety regulations will apply, or that guidance has been published for employers to follow. When such guidance is ignored accidents can happen and the employer will most likely be liable.

This also applies to Lifting operations, Electricity at work and Control of Dangerous substances as well as many other specific work-related activities

Employers are also required to provide you with a safe place in which to work and to supply competent work colleagues. If you are injured due to a careless employee or an unsafe place in which to work then you will be entitled to compensation for your injury and consequential losses.

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