Service Level Agreement

At Mancini Legal we are committed to providing the highest level of advice and service that we can.

We will provide you with absolutely everything we can to make sure that the work you need is done properly and in a way that will benefit you the most. We want to help you by providing services as well as advice and as a result, we’ve created a minimum standard that our clients have come to expect from every expert with Mancini Legal.


  • Our legal advisors will come to whatever location is convenient for you whether that’s one of our many offices or even your home.
  • We help you understand what is happening at every stage of the case by email, phone, appointment or even through our dedicated web system.
  • If you call and leave a message for any of our legal advisors we will respond within 3 working hours whenever possible
  • We respond to all emails within 4 working hours. In some instances this may mean that you will receive an ‘out of the office’ response however, it will include details of how to contact someone to get the information you need
  • We respond to all postal mail within 2 working days either by phone, email or letter response.


  • From the beginning we will be sure to provide you with a realistic estimate and will continue to update you on charges throughout your case
  • We will provide you with a regular review of new costs that will be added to ensure that you are well informed and can advise us on your financial needs.
  • We will ensure that you know of all expenses that even may arise as a result of our partnership with you to eliminate surprises.
  • We will work to complete your case at a rate as close to the pre-arranged and agreed to estimate as possible.

Your Case

  • We will provide advice that is 100% realistic to your needs and your potential for results. This means that, in some instances, we may advise you not to proceed with a case.
  • We are involved in your case to assist you and that means that if it is in your best interests to follow a less expensive path or to avoid proceeding at all, that’s the advice we will provide. We never advise you to proceed based on our own interests.
  • We will provide information on the best possible firm to assist you. If that is not us or if we are not capable of taking on your case we will advise you of another location or firm that can.
  • We will provide regular updates about your case whenever possible

Client Concerns

  • We will retain your privacy in regards to all personal information unless agreed to by you or required by law.
  • We will consider and respond to all concerns voiced by you throughout our service or regarding our service.
  • We will acknowledge all written complaints within 5 working days and will work hard to provide a substantive response within an additional 14 days.