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Solicitor Power of Attorney

Solicitor Power of Attorney


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Why Might a Lasting Power Of Attorney Be Necessary?

When you give someone lasting power of attorney it means they are able to make decisions for you if you are considered ‘unfit’ to make those decisions yourself. This can be in medical situations or in financial situations (though you could select the same person for both of these situations).

If anything happens to you this person is going to be the one making decisions for you. If you don’t select someone yourself then this power automatically goes to your closest relative. If you are married this is your spouse, if you are not married it goes to your oldest child (if they are of legal age) or to your parents. If you prefer someone outside of that order making your decisions for you then you want to name someone specific to act out your wishes. You want to make sure also that they are going to do what you would want them to do.

Remember that whoever you give lasting power of attorney to has the ability to make end of life decisions, financial decisions and more. You will want to consider this person carefully and make sure that they know what your wishes are. In order to make everything clear however, you will also want to get the perfect solicitor to help you draw up the necessary documents.

Mancini Legal will be that solicitor. We will draft all the documents you need to ensure that the person making all of your decisions is the one you want.

Do I Need Lasting Power Of Attorney?

You absolutely need to make sure you give someone lasting power of attorney to make your decisions. Remember they only make the decisions if you are unable to do so but that doesn’t only happen when you grow older. If you have a genetic predisposition toward conditions such as Huntington’s or Alzheimer’s you may find yourself unable to make your own choices before you would ever have imagined. If you are involved in an accident as well you could find yourself incapable of making these decisions. That’s why you want to create lasting power of attorney quickly, before you are even at risk.

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