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The airlines have just laid off over 8,000 employees. If you have been laid off and you believe the dismissal was a form of discrimination, we can help.

If you believe you’re a victim of unfair dismissal from an airline, we can help you.

 No Upfront Cost. You Only Pay if We Win.

Unfair dismissal from an airline and workplace discrimination and retaliation are illegal, but they’re not always something that’s easy to fight – and win. To obtain justice and compensation, you need the very best legal team behind you.

Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and EasyJet Recently Announced Major Layoffs at both Heathrow and Gatwick Airports 

Mancini Legal’s experienced team of Employment Law Solicitors are leaders in workplace discrimination, both in and out of the courtroom. We are committed to relentlessly fighting for our clients’ rights, and have the successful track record to prove it. We have successfully represented clients from diverse backgrounds, dealing with discrimination and retaliation, including failure to promote, harassment, physical assault, discrimination, and everything in between. We are recognized as tough negotiators in settlement negotiations as well as in mediation. We are highly respected trial attorneys for claims that must be resolved before a jury.

No one should be forced to go through contractual disagreements, unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace. If you have any difficulties with your employment then we’re here to help you. Unfair dismissal from an airline is not a simple case when it’s you against a huge company. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you file grievances as well as follow through with a disciplinary hearing or tribunal. We understand that workplace disputes can have a huge financial implication and the deep emotional burdens can be even more difficult to overcome. At Mancini Legal, we’ll help you through these difficulties and ensure that you get the results that you are entitled to.


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We are here to make the entire process easier for you.  

Do not allow anyone to treat you unfairly and make sure that you are getting the justice that you deserve. You will need an experienced employment law solicitor in order to ensure that this happens and that’s exactly what you’re going to get at Mancini Legal.

Anything you need to settle employment concerns or problems is available for you with Mancini Legal. We make sure that you get the help you need whether you’re the victim of discrimination, workplace hazards, harassment or unfair dismissal. After all, your job is extremely important to you. Don’t let anyone talk you into just ‘letting it go.’ You can overcome obstacles in your work life if you let Mancini Legal help.

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We can help with a range of employee issues, including:

Wrongful Dismissal
Constructive Dismissal
Employment Tribunals
Redundancy Advice
Unfair Dismissal
Compromise Agreements

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