Beware of Scams Using Mancini Legal Firm Name: Sophisticated Scammers Using WhatsApp


Please beware of scams using Mancini Legal, luring people in and stealing money. We were contacted today 7th January, 2021, by a gentleman living in Texas, USA about a scam he had almost fallen prey to.

Some very sophisticated scammers have created a document using our outdated letterhead to trick people into believing that they were with us. We have no knowledge of who these people are and we would never solicit any type of engagement or any money in this way.

Fortunately this man called us to verify that this was in fact a scam but that won’t stop the scammers.

How Can You Avoid Being a Victim to a Scam?

There are many things you can look for…

  1. Documents with Misspellings: Many times, these sorts of documents have simple errors, especially if English isn’t their first language.
  2. Individuals Named or Not Named on a Website: Take a look at a company website. If you don’t see a person mentioned, beware. If you do see the person there, reach out to them to verify that the engagement is indeed from them.
  3. They Contacted You: It’s rare if ever, that a lawyer from another country would contact you to become your Power of Attorney. Don’t allow large sums of money that they might bait you with to allow your judgement to be clouded.
  4. If it Walks Like a Duck and Talks Like a Duck, It’s Usually a Duck: Meaning, trust your gut. Ask questions. Look them up online and call the numbers you find for them, not a possible fraudulent number calling you.
  5. Lies and Scare Tactics: Rest assured, the IRS, FBI, Interpol, Secret Service, Secret Intelligence Service or any other organisation or group like this aren’t coming for you if you don’t sign paperwork, buy gift cards or sent money by Western Union.

In this case, we are thrilled that this man reached out to us to ask questions. Others might not be as lucky. So please, question everything. Be cautious and double, triple and quadruple verify things. Phone numbers, people, emails and scams can be very intricately created. We have so many other things that worry us these days, it’s time to put these scammers out of business for good.


Are You Ready to Hire a Solicitor in Horsham?

Whether you’re facing a criminal case in Horsham, you’re trying to find the best possible solution for your children in your divorce, you need to defend yourself from a traffic ticket, you’ve just bought a property, you need help with your will or have some other legal matter, it’s good to know there are experienced attorneys like Mancini Legal in Horsham, UK. Please contact us to meet with a qualified, local solicitor to get confidential, personalized answers to your questions. We’d love for you to follow us on Facebook too.

Top Reasons to Hire a Solicitor in Horsham

Sometimes we think we know best whether or not we should hire a solicitor in Horsham – and there may be times that that is true. BUT – not every time. For instance, what if your car needed a new transmission? Would you pull out the toolbox and get to work? Not likely. Or……..say your dimmer control started smoking. Would you pull out your toolbox and get to work? Not likely either.

The same rings true for legal matters. Whether it’s needing help with a speeding ticket or a divorce, in all cases it pays to have a consultation. Not every legal matter requires the use of a solicitor but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

While everyone comes to the table with a different situation, there are times when you really should hire a solicitor. In fact, failing to in certain instances can lead to big losses or in a worst case scenario, prison. Here are 5 reasons that we believe you should hire a solicitor in Horsham.

The Law is Complicated

If you’re not a solicitor you might not be the best person to be acting as one. In fact, most solicitors don’t even represent themselves in court. A strong case could fairly easily fall apart unless you have the correct training. Also, hiring a Horsham solicitor would guarantee that they are emotionally detached from your situation. Whether your situation is for you or your business, the potential ramifications of not seeking legal assistance could be a disaster. What’s at stake? Well, that all depends. If you or someone you love find themselves needing legal advice for a criminal case, having the right solicitor could determine whether or not you spend time behind bars, while a civil case could hurt you financially.

Filing the Wrong Document or Following the Wrong Procedure Could Destroy Your Case

If you look online to try and save yourself time and money, you might actually end up hurting as opposed to helping yourself. Courts have very specific documents that they require and legal documents can be pretty tricky if you don’t have the experience filling them out. One late or incorrect filing of the paperwork could derail your entire case, delay a given legal procedure or worst case scenario the entire case could be thrown out altogether.

It might feel like your should plead guilty or admit fault  – like in the case of a speeding ticket. A solicitor in Horsham might believe that this isn’t the only choice, even if there’s evidence pointing directly at you. When you hire a good solicitor, they can explain all of your options and can help you avoid potentially severe penalties even before proceedings begins.

Are You Ready to Hire a Solicitor in Horsham?

Whether you’re facing a criminal case in Horsham, you’re trying to find the best possible solution for your children in your divorce, you need to defend yourself from a traffic ticket, you’ve just bought a property, you need help with your will or have some other legal matter, it’s good to know there are experienced attorneys like Mancini Legal in Horsham, UK. Please contact us to meet with a qualified, local solicitor to get confidential, personalized answers to your questions. We’d love for you to follow us on Facebook too.

Know your rights

Our fortnightly review of the law and you, with Mancini Legal – Horsham’s leading lawyer.

Personal Injury – the Three-Year Rule.

Most people these days are aware of the fact they can claim compensation if they have been in an RTA (road traffic accident), injured at work or otherwise had their health affected by something that wasn’t their fault. What they may not be aware of is the length of time they can go back to make a claim.

In general, a claim can be made any time within three years from the date the ‘event’ happened. Practically that doesn’t mean 2 years and 364 days as cases take time to prepare, so if you want to make a claim it’s best to do it as soon as you can.

Campylobacter and the chicken liver parfait

For example, Mancini Legal is currently acting for three businessmen who got food poisoning at an industry dinner just before Christmas. The problem was a bug called Campylobacter that often crops up in chicken products – in this case, the chicken liver parfait starter.  They claimed within days and, because it’s still fresh in everybody’s mind, and the supplier at fault has admitted liability, we will settle it promptly.

In this particular case, they were not the only people affected, and Health England got involved – all of which helps with the weight of evidence. They were off work, quite seriously ill, and in considerable discomfort for a week. The likely level of compensation will be somewhere between £2-3,000. Because of the way their employment contract was structured their employer can claim for loss of work too.

Should you fall victim to this sort of complaint see your doctor as soon as possible to record it, check if anybody else had the problem, and keep copies of any expenses you incur for medicines, taxis, etc. as they can be reclaimed too.

Things are not always obvious

Some illnesses or conditions are not always apparent, symptoms can take longer to develop, and you may end up with a medical problem that has taken time to manifest. Examples here could be Asbestosis or vibration-induced injury from work. The three-year rule still applies here, but the difference is that you need to bring the case within three years of the date of knowledge within which you should have discovered symptoms that give you a right to claim. In effect when you have a confirmed diagnosis of the problem.

The law does vary. If anything happens to your children a claim can be made up until three years after their 18th birthday. Rules vary with travel – injury or illness on a package holiday needs a claim made within three years, but if it happened on an aircraft, or at sea, it’s only two years. It’s worth noting that ‘aircraft’ also includes ‘balloons’! Different foreign countries also have differing limits.

It’s always good to have the law on your side

Hopefully, life will be straightforward, and you’ll never need to claim. If you do however it’s always best to have an expert lawyer on your side, who understands all the tactics insurance companies use to try and minimize the amount of compensation they have to pay, fighting your corner. And we would stress the fact you need a proper lawyer – the option is a ‘claims management company’, but if you read the news recently you will have seen that some travel illness cases have led to claimants being prosecuted for perverting the course of justice!

If you have a claim and want somebody local, who you can call in and see and stay in close touch with, Mancini Legal has a Personal Injury specialist on the team. Best of all, in personal injury cases, Mancini acts on a no-win, no-fee basis. For more details visit


Sex makes headlines and not a week seems to go by without some new ‘sex scandal’ breaking. One day it’s Hollywood moguls demanding sexual favors for parts in films. The next its Exhibition Organisers in Birmingham banning scantily clad glamour girls from selling car parts. Now it’s Oxfam executives allegedly paying for sex in Haiti.

It’s important in these cases for the law to distinguish between what is illegal and what is immoral – they are not the same thing. In the UK there are not many laws concerning the sex act itself. Sex between two consenting adults is perfectly legal and, providing it all happens in private, there is no legal problem acting out Shades of Grey from start to finish.

However, if one party doesn’t consent, or is not adult, it is against the law and therefore an offence that could well attract the interest of the police and Crown Prosecution Service as a criminal offence.


This is an interesting question. In the UK you have to be 18 to be considered an adult for most purposes – like voting or having a credit card. In the case of sex, however, the law defines an ‘age of consent’, which in the UK is 16.

This is something of a conundrum as across Europe, and indeed the world, the age of consent varies. In France it is 15, in Ireland, it is 17, in Germany and Italy 14. Given the legal structure of the EU, this is quite bizarre although nobody has yet claimed infringement of civil liberty. In Haiti the age of consent is 18 – hence the Oxfam fuss. In some countries, you have to be married. In America, it varies state-by-state.

Consent is much more straightforward. Simply put it means saying ‘yes’ – or, to put it another way, at least not saying ‘no’ to a proposal of a sex act. But as we have seen in the recent spate of cases that have had to be re-evaluated, due to evidence being withheld that exonerated men accused of rape, it can still be open to misinterpretation or false claims.


They say that prostitution is the oldest profession in the world – that’s why their union has made representations for the more dignified term of ‘sex-workers’. Certainly in the UK, and most countries, there are no laws against an adult, male or female, accepting money in return for sex. It is, however, illegal for a sex-worker to ‘solicit’ (i.e. stop somebody and ask them if they would like to have sex and pay for it), or another person to run a brothel or live off ‘immoral earnings’.


In the case of ‘immoral earnings,’ it is somebody employing sex-workers and takin the money off of them. However, all things considered, it may be hard to see what is wrong with businessmen using adult sex-workers, in an agreed commercial transaction, in their own private time. Depending on who you are it may be morally suspect, it may be bad judgment, or it may be perfectly acceptable. Really it depends upon the circumstances and the moral judgment of others. The Court of Public Opinion, or perhaps more exactly media opinion, seems to be ever more powerful.


Sexual harassment in the workplace is not criminal but falls under the remit of employment law. A sexual harassment claim is not heard in a court of law but by a tribunal. Generally, it is part of unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal claim (where somebody felt obliged to leave because of a sexually hostile environment). The issues here revolve around what constituted ‘harassment’, and what damage resulted. In some cases compensation has run to hundreds of thousands.

However, like everything else, ‘harassment’ is open to interpretation. In an environment where both men and women are thrown together in close company, there will be sexual tension and ‘banter’. Indeed as many as one in five people happily meet their partner through work – telling somebody in the office that you fancy them isn’t all bad news! Whilst cases like Harvey Weinstein appear to be reprehensibly clear cut, the question of at what stage interaction, banter, or unwanted touching between people at work becomes uncomfortable, or wrong, can be quite delicate.

Mancini Legal has a dedicated employment law team with extensive experience of unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and sexual harassment in the workplace. If you, or somebody you know, has problems at work we’d be very happy to speak to you.

Give us a call in complete confidence on 01403 337337


It’s important to be pragmatic. We learn ‘the facts of life’ early on – but it’s important we learn the facts of death. Because if you thought life was tricky, just wait until you’re faced with death – either you’re own or that of a loved one.

They say only two things in life are certain – death and taxes. From a legal point of view, the two things are closely linked. When you pass taxes might not bother you, but they may well give those you leave behind a headache. How prepared you are whilst you’re still alive will determine where your estate ends up and how much tax your beneficiaries will pay.

Most people only have a basic Will that passes assets absolutely to their chosen beneficiaries, normally their spouse or partner or, if remarried, their second spouse or partner. It’s very natural to want to provide for the person you loved and shared your life with. There is nothing wrong with it, and a basic will is much better than having no Will at all.

But a basic Will does not provide much protection and, with ever-changing regulations, it’s important to consider that your personal circumstances, assets and wealth might have changed change over the years. A properly constructed Will and a regular review of existing Will arrangements and tax planning is a vital part of the future strategy for both you and your family. Fail to do so and you can expose your accumulated wealth to risks you need to be aware of:

  • Care costs: where a surviving spouse or partner requires nursing care, the whole estate, including the family home, is susceptible to the cost of that care.
  • Marriage after death: when one spouse or partner passes, all the assets become solely owned by the surviving spouse or partner. If the surviving spouse or partner then remarries, half of the inherited estate could be lost in any divorce settlement or, even worse, all of the estates could be lost, disinheriting your children or grandchildren.
  • Creditors or bankruptcy: if the surviving spouse or partner was subject to creditor claims or facing bankruptcy then the inherited estate is fully at risk.
  • Your business assets: without correct planning, the business may have to be sold and these assets may not be preserved for your family, attracting Inheritance Tax (IHT).

On second death (of your spouse or partner) there are further risks. These get more complex and need a bit of explaining but, if you have an estate of any size – say some property and/or investments – it’s worth seeking advice because:

  • If your children/grandchildren/ chosen beneficiaries are subject to divorce proceedings, half of the inheritance is at risk to divorce settlements.
  • If you live until you’re 90 your children could well be 60 or even 70. If the inheritance has been passed to them and they are in care, assets could later be assessed for their own care costs.
  • If any of your beneficiaries became subject to creditor claims, or bankruptcy, then the inherited estate is fully at risk.
  • On second death the remaining estate will be subject to IHT and, if it then passes to the children absolutely, this adds to the children’s estate and could impact on their own Inheritance Tax and so forth down the generations.

A simple Trust you can ensure that your home, savings, pensions, life assurance, and business assets can be protected for the benefit of future generations whilst protecting them from unnecessary IHT, currently charged at 40%.

Mancini Legal have a dedicated team with a wealth of expertise in this area of family law. We would be delighted to advise you on all issues with regards to Wills, trusts, and IHT.

Call us today on 01403 337337 or google Mancini Legal.

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