Beware of Scams Using Mancini Legal Firm Name: Sophisticated Scammers Using WhatsApp


Please beware of scams using Mancini Legal, luring people in and stealing money. We were contacted today 7th January, 2021, by a gentleman living in Texas, USA about a scam he had almost fallen prey to.

Some very sophisticated scammers have created a document using our outdated letterhead to trick people into believing that they were with us. We have no knowledge of who these people are and we would never solicit any type of engagement or any money in this way.

Fortunately this man called us to verify that this was in fact a scam but that won’t stop the scammers.

How Can You Avoid Being a Victim to a Scam?

There are many things you can look for…

  1. Documents with Misspellings: Many times, these sorts of documents have simple errors, especially if English isn’t their first language.
  2. Individuals Named or Not Named on a Website: Take a look at a company website. If you don’t see a person mentioned, beware. If you do see the person there, reach out to them to verify that the engagement is indeed from them.
  3. They Contacted You: It’s rare if ever, that a lawyer from another country would contact you to become your Power of Attorney. Don’t allow large sums of money that they might bait you with to allow your judgement to be clouded.
  4. If it Walks Like a Duck and Talks Like a Duck, It’s Usually a Duck: Meaning, trust your gut. Ask questions. Look them up online and call the numbers you find for them, not a possible fraudulent number calling you.
  5. Lies and Scare Tactics: Rest assured, the IRS, FBI, Interpol, Secret Service, Secret Intelligence Service or any other organisation or group like this aren’t coming for you if you don’t sign paperwork, buy gift cards or sent money by Western Union.

In this case, we are thrilled that this man reached out to us to ask questions. Others might not be as lucky. So please, question everything. Be cautious and double, triple and quadruple verify things. Phone numbers, people, emails and scams can be very intricately created. We have so many other things that worry us these days, it’s time to put these scammers out of business for good.


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